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((2021 Mother’s Day Value Set)) Gift# 13 Men's Biore Set

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((2021 Mother’s Day Value Set)) Gift# 13 Men's Biore Set

1. KAO MEN'S BIORE Soothing Shampoo (750ml) 男性專用抗屑潔味洗髮精

|10 times charcoal*X anti-dandruff factor OPX|
A new flawless formula and an effective anti-dandruff factor OPX, allowing you to achieve anti-bacterial anti-dandruff once!

◆10 times charcoal* oil absorption x cool formula
Deep cleansing sebum and dirt, make the scalp fresh and not greasy, and add hair root and refreshing ingredients. After washing, the pores are cool and cool, the hair is light and fluffy, and it is easy to maintain handsome and stylish!

◆Antibacterial antidandruff factor OPX
Japan's innovative technology, with effective anti-dandruff factor OPX, wash and anti-bacterial anti-dandruff, remove annoying grease and odor, wash pores are still fresh and clean every other day!

◆ 无矽灵·No pigment x Tea Tree Extract
No added 矽 spirit & pigment, the texture is gentle and clear pores, reducing scalp stimulation!


2. KAO Men's Biore Body Foam Charcoal - Deo Body MEN's Biore 控油體香沐浴乳 (750ml)

Made in Taiwan
Product Information
- Oil control, deodorant
A cold, fresh body foam with 10-fold Charcoal for men's care. Deeply clean and easily rinse with oil-balancing effects without over-drying skin.
Lather with water or use bath towels, rinse.



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