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(Pre-Order) CICHI 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Double Happiness Mug

Looking for a gift for a happy couple? Eager to show your commitment to your beloved other half?
Give them a wish of happy relationships with this Golden Married Mugs
In Chinese culture, at the 50th anniversary of marriage for a couple, it is called a "golden marriage". 
The designer celebrates the precious love and tradition by combining ceramic forming with gold plating technique into this golden married mugs. 
This mug set is a great gift for the newlyweds and is also suitable for wedding anniversaries, symbolizing a love of eternity.
The Chinese characters are full of fun. They are embedded with cultural insight, and they are a form of art. 
When the character, "Ci", which means “happiness” with a sense of love and joy, combines with another, it becomes a celebration of two people’s union. 
According to legend, the origin of the "double Ci" is from the famous poet Wang Anshi’s witticism in the Northern Song Dynasty when he won the first place of the government exam and at the same time got married to a lovely wife. 
He happily expressed his joy with a poem: “The perfect match forms a double happiness song. The lanterns of horses and flying tigers tie a silky knot .”  
And since then, the double "Ci" has become the logo representing the couple's commitment to each other at the wedding day.

Product Information
Product Size:80(D)*125(W)*95 (H) mm
Made in Taiwan

The beautiful double "Ci" handles are coated by 12% real gold and then fired at an 800-degree high temperature with the finest craftsmanship. As the Chinese sayings go, "The true love can stand through the test of fire." The Golden Mugs symbolize the love that can withstand the tests.



The wedding date in Chinese is called “Da Ci Zhi Ri”, which implies limitless lifetime happiness. The double “Ci” not only stands for a wish of double happiness for the couples, but also connotes "a perfect match in marriage". The wedding mugs are the perfect gift for newlyweds.



As the Golden Mugs are gaining popularity, counterfeits begin to surge the market. To verify the genuine products, identify the CiChi trademarks on the bottoms of the mugs for best quality and experience.


In Chinese culture, peony, known as "flower of riches and honour", symbolizes wealth, royalty and grace. 
The designer thoughtfully incorporates peony in the package design of the golden mug set, as the best wishes to the couples.



For better user experience, they also refined the shape of the character handle to current version, making it wider and bigger for easier grip. 
The redesign of a more mellow character also widens the hole of the finger grips, which becomes more ergonomic when used. 
In addition to the delicate fingers of the newly-wedded wife, it is also suitable for the big hands that are carrying the sweet burden of a family! 

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