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(Pre-Order) CiCHi Fortune TOFU Cup Set

Looking to find a unique gift idea for someone who already has everything?
Make him or her gasp with this elegant, creative and wonderful gift of Oriental charm


TOFU is one of the most traditional food ingredients in Eastern culture. 
It tastes heavenly and refreshingly light. The TOFU cups express simple, unadorned yet elegant Oriental vibe. 
Moreover, TOFU’s Chinese pronunciation is in assonance with the word “fortune.” 
When not in use, place it on the tray bottom up,  it also has a lucky meaning, “fortunes come.”
This TOFU cup set includes one wooden tray and four TOFU cups. 
You can use it as teacups or to hold food. 
This elegant TOFU cup set can be the most exciting and delightful element in your home. 
Also, a great guest pleaser that flaunts your good taste. 

Product Information
- Material : Porcelain / Wood
- PACKAGE SIZE : 303mm *202mm *103mm
Made in Taiwan


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