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(Pre-Order) CICHI Money Tree Coin Bank - Green

Searching for a gift of wealth and abundance?
Give your money-loving friend this unique gift of wealthy wishes
“Harmony brings wealth.” 
Chinese believe that harmonious relationships attract money. 
When Money Tree grows, your wealth also increases bit by bit. 
Why not plant your own money tree to summon the good luck for money?
Tree, in Chinese culture, is a symbol of dependability and stability. So we choose trees to keep your money safe.
Money Tree helps you keep the coins with you, providing a temporary storing place for your savings. 
When coins keep piling up, you only have to lift the tree up, and the coins will fall into the pot underneath, safe and sound.
As your money grows, the Money Tree will also "grow" higher day in and day out, which motivates you to put in even more.
Where can you find a better money bank than this one which is practical, elegant and fun all at the same time?

Product Information
- Material: PP / Porcelain / ABS
- Size: 140mm *140mm *283mm
- Made in Taiwan



Unlike other regular pottery, the ceramic base is carefully selected Taiwanese celadon. 
After kiln firing at 1223 degrees, the pot radiates a beautiful and subtle green glow, which is a natural color that cannot be imitated by ordinary ceramics. This becomes the final exquisite craftsmanship of the Money Tree. 
Money Tree is a design idea of beauty and practicality, which can be appreciated by both the eyes of the East and West.




How to take the money out? Simply pull the tree up, and take out the coins easily.




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