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KOSE CLEAR TURN Facial Mask Super Concentrate (40 sheets)

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KOSE CLEAR TURN Facial Mask Super Concentrate (40 sheets)

Ultra Concentrated aging care mask for age-related problems. A super hydrating aging care face mask with 8 functions, delivering premium hydration to your skin. Delivers a rich and milky beauty serum right to the base of your stratum corneum, supporting your skin’s barrier function. A smooth finish, even for skin with conspicuous pores. Super Moisturizing Ingredients. Support your skin’s barrier function, even fine wrinkles from dryness will be plump and soft. Formulated from Coenzyme Q10, Aragan Oil, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Lipidure, Natural Moisturizing Factors and Glycerin (moisturizing). Weak acidity, non-fragrance, non-pigmented. A luxury sheet made in Japan, that will fit snugly to your face, 1.5 times thicker. A soft, thick sheet drenched in milky beauty serum. Feels gentle to use and adheres perfectly, even to under eye area and mouth.

How To Use:

After cleansing and toning, remove mask from packet. Carefully unfold mask and smooth on to face avoiding sensitive eye and lip areas. Wear for 15 to 20 minutes. Pat remaining essence into skin until fully absorbed. Discard after one use. Use sheet mask weekly or as needed for best results.

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