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CLAYGE 海泥D系列moisturizing repair(保濕修護) Shampoo D/ Treatment D (500ml)

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CLAYGE Shampoo D/ Treatment D (500ml)

▲Moist scalp care

D series (moisturizing repair) is suitable for ethnic groups: hairy/dry hair, hairy hairy, and difficult to organize.

CLAYGE Shampoo D

Clay absorbs dirt of scalp and conditions the scalp environment. It can moisturize your damaged hair.

CLAYGE Treatment D

4 kinds of oils and honey repair damaged hair deeply.You can get moisturized hair.

【Main ingredients】

1. Honey essence containing vitamin E and minerals, which gives hair moisturizing and moisturizing while relieving scalp problems such as dandruff.

2. Low, medium and high molecular keratin to repair hair styling from the inside out.

3. Add baobab seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and Burr hard walnut seed oil 4 to extract essential oils to enhance moisturizing and add luster.

4. Use herbal extracts such as ginger root to soothe the scalp and bring a cool and firm feeling with mint.

5. Healing texture, soapy

Top notes - citrus notes
Medium taste - white peach, floral
Aftertaste - musk


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