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COTTON.ZOO Swab- Superfine (200pcs)

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Product Introduction
"Cotton ZOO baby swab spiral" is, the pursuit of material and ease of use that can be used with confidence, it is a spiral swab of pink flowers (corrugated).
  • 100% cotton
  • chitosan antibacterial (cotton part surface)
  • pink spiral swab, such as the nose of the Slim
  • that is suitable for the baby's nose and ears of care (cotton swab Dobutsuen series)

Materials / Ingredients

  • Material cotton part: 100% Cotton
  • axis: Paper


  • shape cotton part: corrugated + corrugated cotton unit size: small axis Thickness: Slim
  • Irowata part: Pink axis: white
  • Other Features chitosan antibacterial (cotton part surface)

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