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DHC Lean Body Mass Forsholli Coleus Supply (20 Day Supply)

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DHC burning bodyweight supplements (20 Day Supply)

Extracting the essence powder from the roots of the hairsucker
The ingredient, Forskohlin, maintains the total amount of muscles and bones. And strengthen muscle tissue, increase the body's metabolism, concentrate and strengthen the burning of fat,It is difficult to rebound in weight and achieve the goal of healthy self-cultivation.


<Main ingredient>

Calorie 1.8 calories, protein 0g, fat 0.05g carbohydrate 0.34g sodium 0.16mg
Coleus formosanus extract (10% Forslean) - Magic Cellulite (10%) 250mg


1-2 capsules a day, eat more useless, warm water delivery service, eat well before and after eating in the morning and evening.

<Preservation Method>
After taking the seal, you must seal the seal every time you take the medicine.
Do not put it in a place where the temperature is high and the sun is shining.

Please ask the food allergic person to confirm the raw materials of the product before taking it.
For those who are allergic to food, long-term patients, long-term patients, pregnant women and lactators, please consult your doctor before eating.


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