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DHC Collagen Supplement (120 tablets/20 days)

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DHC Collagen Supplement (120 tablets/20 days)

DHC Collagen is made from marine collagen extracted from fish and added with vitamin B1, B2 and other nutrients for skin health. It can nourish beauty and maintain youth. Every day, you can enjoy healthy vitality and exude pearls. Beautiful style.

Collagen is a fibrous protein composed of many amino acids. It accounts for about 1/3 of the protein content in the body. Its main function is to maintain the normal form and structure of the body tissues, which can help the physiological functions to operate smoothly. An important nutrient that is indispensable for health and beauty

<Main ingredient>

Collagen, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, etc. [regulators] microcrystalline cellulose, glycerin fatty acid ester, thickener (methylcellulose)


6 capsules a day served with water, can be eaten directly. It is recommended to take it after dinner.

<Preservation Method>
After taking the seal, you must seal the seal every time you take the medicine.
Do not put it in a place where the temperature is high and the sun is shining.

Please ask the food allergic person to confirm the raw materials of the product before taking it.

For those who are allergic to food, long-term patients, long-term patients, pregnant women and lactators, please consult your doctor before eating.


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