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((Free Gift Wrapping)) JM SOLUTION Hyal Cactus + Resurrection Plant + Seaweed Mask Nutri Edition (11pcs Mask + 1pc Cleansing Foam)

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Hyal Cactus+Resurrection Plant+Seaweed Mask Nutri Sheet 30ml x 11pcs
Hyal Cactus+Resurrection Plant+Seaweed Cleansing Foam 100ml x 1pcs

[Mask Sheet]
  • Provides long-lasting hydration with hyaluronic acid and various nourishing ingredients.
  • Mask and cleansing foam set which contains 9 kinds of hyaluronic acid and moisturizing complex to provide intensive hydrating effect.
  • The intensive moisturizing mask holds 9 kinds of hyaluronic acid and hydrating active ingredients.
[Cleansing Foam]
Cleansing Foam creates dense and soft bubbles to cleanse out impurities.
How To Use
[Mask Sheet]
  • After washing, prepare skin with toner.
  • Apply sheet mask evenly on your face.
  • Remove the mask sheet after 10~20 minutes later and gently pat the remaining essence.
[Cleansing Foam]
  • Place a sufficient amount on your hands and create a dense foam.
  • Gently massage with the foam and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


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