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((BOGO FREE)) ISHIZAWA LAB White Bath Salt (25g) 石澤研究所 有機鍺浴鹽 (溫泉水)

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ISHIZAWA LAB White Bath Salt (25g) 石澤研究所 有機鍺浴鹽 (溫泉水)


・ Contains germanium and hot spring water from the Japanese Alps.
・ In addition, natural salt and capsicum extract are also added. Just like a hot spring, if you immerse yourself in a pure white nigori-yu, the
 accumulated frustration and muddy will melt away.
・ Sweat and polish your skin to create an enchanting and refreshing body.

how to use

Put 1 packet (40g) in your home bathtub (150-200L).
When the contents start to melt after stirring well, the white germanium bath is ready.

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