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DHC Hyaluronic Acid Supplement 150 mg 40 Tablet (20 Day Supply)

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DHC Hyaluronic Acid Supplement 170 mg 40 Tablet (20 Day Supply)
1. Moisturizing effect: Hyaluronic acid has the highest moisture absorption at low relative humidity (33%), and lowest moisture absorption at high relative humidity (75%).

2, nutrition: widely distributed in human skin, is an important nutrient for healthy skin growth, can effectively promote cell growth and metabolism, so that the skin is always young and flexible.

3. Repairing effect: Hyaluronic acid can promote the regeneration of skin at the injured site by promoting the proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells and scavenging oxygen free radicals.

4. Lubricity and film forming property: Hyaluronic acid is a high molecular polymer and has a strong lubricating feeling and film forming property. It makes the skin feel smooth and moist, protects the skin and prevents moisture loss.

5, whitening effect: hyaluronic acid has biological activity, can improve the permeability of capillaries, inhibit free radical production and pigment deposition, can quickly remove freckles and white skin.

<Main ingredient>

Nutritional ingredients: 2 capsules 660mg
Calories: 3.5Kcal, protein: 0.22g, fat: 0.23g, carbohydrate: 0.14g, sodium: 7.06mg, vitamin B2: 2mg, hyaluronic acid: 150mg, squalene: 170mg, etc.


2 capsules a day, served with water, can be eaten directly. It is recommended to take it after dinner.

<Preservation Method>
After taking the seal, you must seal the seal every time you take the medicine.
Do not put it in a place where the temperature is high and the sun is shining.

Please ask the food allergic person to confirm the raw materials of the product before taking it.

For those who are allergic to food, long-term patients, long-term patients, pregnant women and lactators, please consult your doctor before eating.


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