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DHC Supplement Daizu isofurabon 25 mg 40 Tablet (20 Day Supply)

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DHC Supplement Daizu isofurabon 25 mg 40 Tablet  (20 Day Supply)
DHC Soy Extract is rich in soy isoflavones and contains natural herbs - red peony, as well as collagen, glucosamine, vitamin B group, C, E and other beauty ingredients to promote metabolism, regulate physiological functions, and keep you healthy. Vibrant and beautiful.

Soy isoflavone (Sofof) is a plant-based polyphenolic ingredient that regulates physiological functions and is the best health partner to maintain youthful beauty.Food sources: bean curd, soy milk, dried bean curd, bean skin and other soy products.

<Main ingredient>

Vitamin D0.5μg, folic acid 200μg
Soybean isoflavone aglycone 25mg, lactose fermented product 185mg (lactose 83mg), hop extract 10mg, flaxseed extract 5mg (lignan 40%)

<Allergic substances>

Milk ingredients, soybeans


2 capsules a day, served with water, can be eaten directly. It is recommended to take it after dinner.

<Preservation Method>
After taking the seal, you must seal the seal every time you take the medicine.
Do not put it in a place where the temperature is high and the sun is shining.

Please ask the food allergic person to confirm the raw materials of the product before taking it.

For those who are allergic to food, long-term patients, long-term patients, pregnant women and lactators, please consult your doctor before eating.


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