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((BOGO FREE)) KRACIE LAMELLANCE Premium Foaming Body Wash (480ml) 葵緹亞高保濕泡泡沐浴乳

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 KRACIE LAMELLANCE Premium Foaming Body Wash (480ml) 葵緹亞高保濕泡泡沐浴乳


Until now, the ingredients to be washed were destroyed every time the lamella, which is important for moisturizing the skin, was washed (manufacturer body soap conventional product).
The world's first lame lance technology realizes protection and washing of lamé.
Lamellar protect cleaning ingredients protect the lamellar structure while gently washing with dense foam. In addition, Lamella Moisture EX fills the gaps in the lamella and wraps the skin with moisture.
It is a body wash that comes out with foam.

クラシエホームプロダクツ ラメランス 泡ボディウォッシュ ポンプ 480ml :4901417120205:マツモトキヨシ Yahoo!店 - 通販  - Yahoo!ショッピング


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