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CURE Natural Aqua Gel (250ml) CURE 去角質水凝露

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CURE Natural Aqua Gel (250ml) CURE 去角質水凝露

Product features:
  • Natural Aqua Gel, which is made from water with about 90% of the ingredients, is a simple keratin care product that gently catches and removes unnecessary old keratin on the skin surface.
  • It is a fragrance-free, coloring-free, and preservative-free agent.
  • Simply apply it to your skin and gently massage it, and the gel will react with the old dead skin cells to remove dead skin cells and excess dead skin cells.
  • Gently cares for dead skin without damaging the skin, leading to clear skin without dullness.
  • The habit of removing dead skin cells that cannot be removed by just washing your face every day gently supports the original reincarnation of the skin.


[How to use]
● After washing your face, wipe off the moisture on your skin. If you use it on your face, take 1 push on your fingertips and apply it to the part you care about.
● Immediately the gel turns into a liquid.
● When the gel turns into water and emerges white, massage it gently with your fingertips.
● If you see any polo polo, wash it off. After that, please take care of your skin such as lotion and serum.
● As a guide, use twice a week according to your skin condition.
● Can be used on the whole body. Please use it for areas where you are concerned about roughness, such as the neck and limbs.


Natural Aqua Gel - Exfoliating | Godwell Cosmetic

Cure Natural Aqua Gel 250g | matsumotokiyoshi

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