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DAZZLE CARAT Diamond Mascara - Long (Black) / Volume (Black) / Long & Volume (Brown) 克拉小姐睫毛膏 濃密/纖長/捲翹濃密

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DAZZLE CARAT Diamond Mascara - Long (Black) / Volume (Black) / Long & Volume (Brown)


  • Elegant beauty long & volume separate.
  • Adult cute eyes eyes effect.
  • With a glossy feel like wet.
  • Curl keep: Long-lasting eyelashes for a long time with curl & keep wax.
  • Long extension effect: Since it is a lightweight fiber, it is light and comfortable while long up.
  • Eye line effect: Mascara can be applied from the root, giving the impression of a pleasing line.
  • Eyelash serum: Care for eyelashes while applying makeup with six types of serum ingredients.
  • Top coat effect: The film coat effect prevents panda eyes from rubbing and bleeding.

How to use:

After curling the eyelashes with a burer, apply the solution while spreading the tip to lift it from the base.
After use, wipe off the mouth of the container and close the cap properly.
Recommended is to first apply a liquid on top of the hair.
Longly up to the bristle point so that it can be lifted from the root. Re-coat until desired length is obtained.

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