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FREEPLUS Double Sheet Moisture Facial Mask (25ml x 5pcs)

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FREEPLUS Double Sheet Moisture Facial Mask (25ml x 5pcs)

FREEPLUS product is enriched with the power of time-honored botanicals cherished in Japanese and Chinese beauty care. Drawing from the power of these herbal extracts, FREEPLUS harnesses years of dedicated research at Kanebo Cosmetics to unveil a low-irritant skin care brand tailored to those with sensitive skin.

  • Natural skin formula reaches into sensitive skin and all skin types.
  • The double design mask that moisturizes your eyes and leads to transparent and soft skin.
  • FREEPLUS adopt thickness suitable for each part such as thickening the eyes and fit easily without gaps.
  • The Wahan plant beautiful skin formula born from research on sensitive skin.
  • Uses lotion-like serum that does not bother the feeling of stickiness and has good skin fit.

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