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JAYJUN Essential Therapy Mask (10pcs/pack)


JAYJUN Essential Therapy Mask

Cotton facial masks are hypoallergenic, non-irritating type of mask that holds good amount of serum and consequently boost your skin with moisture and brighten the skin tone. With the fruits and plant extract oils, it reduces the inflammation on your skin and leaves your skin feel freshand cleaner. 

** anti-inflammatory properties ** reduce the redness or ruddiness that was damaged from sun and free radical. ** antiseptic properties ** kill acne bacteria in the pores. ** antioxidant ** skin circulation booster, even skin tone and complexion. cleansing the skin with toning effect, removes excess oil and kill bacteria in the pores extract from grapefruit oil while restoring the skin back to brighter, natural even-toned with vitamins, iron & phytonutrients extracts from natural plant oil. Healing and soothing the acne breakout and guard the skin from sun damage and free-radical damage and preventing fines lines and wrinkles.

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