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KENASSY Depilation Puff

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A hair removal puff that allows you to easily care for unwanted hair at home. Since the pores are cut smooth right at the skin, you can rest assured that there is no tingling sensation creating a smooth silk touch. 

How to use:  

1. Lightly apply the puff to the part you want to clean.

* Never press hard.

2. After turning to the right, start turning to the left without removing it from your skin.

* When rotating in the reverse direction, do not lift the puff from your skin, you will not be able to remove the hair.
Turn quickly to draw a small circle in the same place.
* Approximately 5 rotations each is a guide.

3. Repeating step 2 will remove unwanted hair and dead skin cells, resulting in smooth and beautiful skin.

4. Care: Once you remove the hair from the skin, lightly wash it with a body soap detergent and dry completely. 

Precautions for use:
● Do not rub in a straight line up, down, left or right.
● Do not rub while moving the circle.
● Use the tip of the sheet for fingertips and small parts.
● After use, clean with cream or milky lotion.
● Never rub too much.
● If you press it against your skin or rub it slowly, it will be difficult for the hair to come off.
● Effects vary from person to person.
● It may be difficult to remove depending on the type of hair such as downy hair and short hair, the amount of hair, the skin type, and the method of rubbing.
● Do not use if you have sensitive skin.
● Do not use on any part other than the arms and legs.
● Do not use while taking a bath or immediately after taking a bath. Do not use on dry skin


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