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KOSE CLEAR TURN Facial Mask Rice EX (40 sheets)

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KOSE CLEAR TURN Facial Mask Rice EX (40 sheets)

  • 100% domestic rice-derived premium rice extract.
  • Ultra-thick milky serum containing premium rice extract penetrates deep into the horny layer.
  • Moisturizing until the end, to the dusty skin next morning.
  • Premium Rice Extract:
  • 5 kinds of extracts extracted from 100% domestic rice.
  • Rice fermented extract, rice bran extract, purple brown rice extract (rice bran extract), hydrolyzed rice extract / hydrolyzed rice bran extract GL (moisturizing).
  • 1.5 times (Series ratio) thick luxury domestic seat fit comfortably to the skin.
  • Milky serum liquid is plenty on a soft and thick sheet.
  • With easy-to-use comfort, you can stick it to your mouth and mouth as you worry.
  • Short-term & thick skin care with all-in-one mask.
  • With this one skin care, as well as complete massage.
  • It is all-in-one mask for all faces - Lotion, Aesthetic Solution, Latex, Cream, Pack and Eye Mask.

How to use:

Use on cleansing skin after cleansing. When feeling dry, use the mask after use, emulsion, cream, etc. stand skin. use it for cleaning in the morning.

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