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LITS Skin Revital Facial Mask (3 sheets/pack)

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LITS Skin Revital Facial Mask (3 sheets/pack)

A brightening mask that contains white plant stem cell derived ingredients. The sheet mask and intensive care sheet focus on areas of concern and lead to sparkling, lustrous skin. Put the intensive care sheet an area of concern and then put sheet mask which covers your whole face on top of this. When the intensive care sheet stops melting, it’s a sign of penetration.

  • The facial mask for dry skin provides skin stem cell protection and adds an extra boost of skin health. 
  • Skin stem cells are mainly located in the epidermis and dermis. It can help regrow a new layer of healthy skin.
  • Plant-derived stem cell ingredients bring intense moisture to the eyes and mouth areas.
  • LITS REVIVAL STEM POWER SHOT face masks for mature skin to be anti-aging and reduce wrinkles effectively

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