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LOVELY BUST Breast Firming Cream (50g)

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LOVELY BUST Breast Firming Cream (50g)

Want to have a devil-like sexy body, in addition to a good fit and body shape, Zhong must have a full-bodied beauty! 

The actual use effect depends on individual physical differences.

【Product Description

Japan's hot review sales No.1

✔The effect is remarkable, 6 months full of 81cc
Natural softening cream with 5% breast and a variety of moisturizing, moisturizing, and skin-building essences
Rejuvenate soft, elastic, plump breasts with a gentle massage
Natural ingredients, safe and secure, no side effects
Japanese production, parallel imports

 【Clinical Trials】

According to Japanese clinical trial results, 30 women aged 18-35 years old applied LOVELT BUST breast cream twice a day on a single breast. After 3D analysis, the saturation increased by 6.6% after 28 days. The saturation of the sky increased by 8.4%! The above results show that women with A cup (300cc) will increase 81cc fullness after 6 months of use!

【Main ingredients】

Pueraria lobata and soy extract (whole muscle component), continuous rich breasts.
Collagen and elastin (moisturizing ingredients), moisturizing, moisturizing and maintaining elasticity.
Hyaluronic acid and ceramide (moisturizing ingredient), soaking the bottom layer of the skin, showing natural tenderness from the inside out.
Vitamin C induces .α-arbutin (integral muscle component), lightening chest melanin.

【How to use】

1. After bathing, dry the body, take a proper amount on the palm of your hand, and massage your hands several times from the middle of the upper part of the breast to the sides.
2. Lift the chest by hand and massage in a circular motion.
3. Hold the chest from bottom to top with your hand and gently massage back and forth.
4. After the massage is complete, rinse your hands.


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