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Mask Hat- Skull (Black or White)

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This may be the most interesting hat you'll ever own.
Unveil your genuine self and stand out from the crowd.
"When wearing this Mask Hat, from the front, it looks like a stylish gentlemen hat.
Looking from the back or from above, you'd be amused by the playful design!
The design concept comes from a habitual action; sometimes, when you want to take a nap, you cover your face with a hat.
On the one hand, it shields the light, and on the other hand, it gives you some privacy.
Maybe, this is simply to show off your swag.
Wearing it, who can have more swag than me?"
– 25togo
Product Information
- With this playful Mask Hat, you can always catch people's eyes, or use it as a conversation piece.
- Express your style with this unique and fashionable accessory
- Material: natural fiber and 
recycled bottle plastic fiber
- Dimensions : L 28.8cm  W 28.2cm D 15.5cm
- Weight: 114g
- Color: Skull Black Melange or Skull White Melange 

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