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Miccosmo Beppin Body Magic White Essence (200ml) 魔力白肌身體美容液

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Miccosmo Beppin Body Magic White Essence (200ml)

Beppin Essence contains prime moisturizing agents and placenta extract to improve the tone and stimulate the regeneration of your skin significantly.

Get rid of dry dull skin once and for all! The premium placenta extract leads your body skin to shiny white.

The moisturizing agents, such as aloe vera and soy isoflavone, smooth the rough skin for example after shaving.

  • The veil of moisture and aroma gently cover your skin. You’ll have a renewed youthful looking skin tone all over your body!
  • Essence made from 100% Japanese-made medicated placenta extract.
  • Non-sticky serum.
  • Suitable for your entire body.
  • Gentle also on sensitive skin.
  • Free of additives such as colorings, paraben and mineral oils
  • Light scent or rose.

How To Use:

Place an appropriate amount onto your palm and simply massage it on the blemishes, dullness and sun-damaged areas of your arms, legs, décolleté or back.

Use this after a shower or bath, and use it often on any dehydrated skin.

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