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"EMS" I stimulate で muscle! Putting it is easy! A training effect!
The automatic training of 20 minutes begins automatically just to push the ON/OFF button.

■■■ Staff recommended point ■■■

Point 1

Let's not agree with the muscle shrinkage campaign by the EMS with a case by the intention of the self by electric stimulation
I can easily train to be performed by mechanism.

Point 2
I only complete it on a part to be worried about, and the stimulation of the muscle by the effect of "the EMS" is provided.
Because it is two sets, I can put it on at the right and left same time including the side and the upper arm and come in a shape easily.
When I like it, a training effect is provided and can continue it willingly while reading, and watching TV.

Point 3
I am replaced from a warm-up to training, cool-down automatically,
When training is over, a power supply is automatically off. Ten phases of power adjustment is possible, too.

Point 4
When the adhesive strength of the gel sheet becomes weak, remove it from a pad part of the body by all means
Please wipe the gel surface with water and tepid water quickly. Still when the adhesive strength is not restored
Please change it for a new gel sheet.

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