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NURSERY Make up & UV Cleansing Gel - Yuzu(180ml)

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[Brand]: NURSERY
[name]: Make up & UV Cleansing Gel - Yuzu
[Place of Origin]: Japan
[Specification]: 180ml
[Texture]: Gel
[Effect]: Strong cleansing and repairing skin
[For the crowd]: Suitable for any skin
[Usage]: Keep your hands dry, take a proper amount of gel and massage directly on your face. The makeup will gradually dissolve, then rinse with water.



Japan's popular hot makeup remover - Yuzu flavor "NURSERY skin-soothing makeup remover gel", is a professional level makeup remover in Japan, designed for beauty salons, professional makeup people. Contains a variety of fruit oils, gel-like texture, strong cleansing power, mascara, waterproof UV cream, and other commonly difficult makeup, can be easily removed, and cleansing in one step, no need for subsequent cleansing. Skin care starts with makeup remover! Gel texture, special makeup remover for Japanese beauty spa center, no need for subsequent cleaning after makeup removal, adding fruit ingredients and hyaluronic acid, collagen ingredients, remove makeup, and make a SPA for the skin~~ "Ginger" essential oil Promote blood circulation, warmth is not only the body but also the warmth of autumn and winter. The "Peony Roots" extract locks in moisture while balancing oil secretion and calming inflammation. Collecting rich saponin protein from “ginseng” to achieve excellent antioxidant and heat preservation and prevent skin aging



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