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ORA2 Premium Stain Clear (100g)-Premium Mint/Premium Lavender Mint

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ORA2 Premium Stain Clear (100g)-Premium Mint極緻薄荷/Premium Lavender Mint薰衣草薄荷 

With the advanced tooth stain removal effect, not only shines more brilliant on white teeth

[Product Description]

1. The newly developed sleek grinding and blazing crystal white factor can gently remove the tooth stains without damaging the tooth surface.
2. Suppressing molecules can effectively dissolve tooth stains and inhibit tooth stains.
3. The comfort of the five-feel experience, easy to achieve the ultimate effect of bright white teeth.

● Fine and dense foam, you can experience clean taste when using
● Full of refreshing and high-quality mint fragrance
● Shining pearly white toothpaste

* New sparkling brightening factor ※ (sweeping aid), with sweeping 剤 to achieve a gentle and gentle removal of stains and does not hurt the face, to achieve the effect of tooth whitening.
* Contains vitamin E and achieves beautiful mouth makeup.
*The feeling in the mouth is a refreshing and soft feeling of particles, and the pearlescent brightening factor is a shiny toothpaste, which can feel the actual luster after use.
* Two flavors to choose from (Premium Mint / Premium Lavender Mint)

[How to use]
Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Children under the age of six should be supervised by an adult and should be about the size of a pea. With the correct brushing habits, it can strengthen the enamel.

Do not swallow. If you have any discomfort, please stop using it and ask your doctor.

[Storage method]
Please put it in a cool place after use to avoid direct sunlight.

[Product specifications]
Country of manufacture: Japan
Content: 100g
Shelf life: 3 years
Specifications: Upright

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