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(Pre-Order) ORIBAGU Backpack- Black Bulldog

Voila! Origami animals just turned into designer backpacks.
“Ori” stands for origami, which literally means “folding paper” in Japanese. “Bagu” is the Japanese pronunciation of “bag”. 
Traditionally origami is made of paper, 25togo took it a step further by using leather and fabrics.
Voila! The result is ORIBAGU, a series of backpacks with the form of origami animals. Given a modern twist, we’ve transformed the traditional art of origami into ORIBAGU, a collection of chic accessories.
Product Information
- Size: L 36cm W 38cm D 9.5cm
- Material: PU Leather, Polyester

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Where Origami Came Alive.
"Ori" stands for origami, which literally means "folding papers" in Japanese. On the other side, "Bagu", originally spelled as "Baggu" in Japanese, means bags. Folding paper into animal forms are one of the most typical childhood memory for kids to own in Taiwan and possibly a lot of other countries too. The origami art itself was never meant to be limited within one 2D square-shape paper, the vision of origami art was that by using it to create objects, it gave flat papers a chance to create a 3D space. Using this concept combined with practical functionality, that’s how ORIBAGU bags were born.
25TOGO DESIGN, a dynamic design team from Taiwan, embraces the ‘kidult’ spirit of ‘I just like it!”, ‘I will do it myself’, and turns exceptional ideas into functional everyday objects. Being passionate about exploring the fun, the humorous, and the cheerful, we introduce products that tell stories or state a fresh point of view.
Currently having distributed stores in Taiwan, HongKong, China, Korea, and wholesales collaborations all over the world, 25TOGO DESIGN is missioned to bring products with kidult spirit all over the world for we believe everyone needs that little reminder to stay childlike at heart in their lives. This year, 25TOGO DESIGN continuously create new products, and it is our pleasure to connect with you, either from just the little chats about how you think of the products to awesome collaboration opportunities, please do not hesitate to share for we will be delighted to hear from you regardless.
As how origami art became almost everyone’s childhood memory, 25TOGO DESIGN found no reason to stop letting the imagination created by folded animals to continue to walk with us in our future adventures. Given a modern twist of colors and patterns, 25 TOGO DESIGN wished to let origami art project perfectly in different varieties. With organizing compartments, ORIBAGU backpacks can be used at all times, when you are traveling or going to work. We’ve transformed the traditional art of origami into ORIBAGU, and now every kidults can express their fashion sense with originality.
- 25togo

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