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PINOCCHIO Eyeglass Holder

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Add Some Unique Taste to Your Everyday Life
This may be the most conversation-provoking piece of your tasteful abode
"When we get up in the morning, 
we put on our heavy glasses to separate ourselves from the ugly world, 
allowing our true beings to be hidden in the small space behind the lenses. 
We energetically face the business of everyday life with its lies and temptations
and hold our noses high as we learn that there is no such thing as money that grows on trees. 
Who wants to become a mule searching for a land where we don’t have to study or work?
Although the blue fairy and her wand in the fairy tale might not show up in front of us,
We still have to learn about Pinocchio's persistence on his dreams despite all the hardships and failures."
– 25togo
Product Information
Pinocchio's nose becomes your eyeglasses holder! 
Take off your defense and rest your eyeglasses on PINOCCHIO’s nose. 
Let him hold you up from the pressure of daily burdens and remind you to be true to yourself.
Comes in two colors, original and dark, to suit your personal style.
Wash your face, take a break, gather yourself up and keep on taking any challenges coming your way. 
Each piece of PINOCCHIO is hand-carved by Taiwanese wood carving masters with Taiwan beech wood. 
The unique wood nose shape allows you to mount the glasses securely.
The eyeglasses holder can be mounted onto any flat surface. 
First use the 3M damage-free hanging stripe that comes in the pack to stick the stainless steel base to any flat surface. 
Then have PINOCCHIO firmly attached to the base with its built-in magnet. 

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