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Reveur Fraicheur Non-Silicone - Shampoo/Conditioner (340ml)

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Reveur Fraicheur Non-Silicone 環保真空包  洗護系列 -Shampoo/Conditioner (340ml)

法國調香X日本包裝,護髮都要抗氧化,真空最保鮮 @ Rêveur

French fragrance X Japanese packaging, hair care must be anti-oxidant, vacuum is most fresh


From Japan and won multiple Japanese brand awards. The super-popular Japanese wash brand Rêveur born from the concept of skin care successfully developed the world's first patent, [Vacuum Antioxidant Container] technology, Fraîcheur series, to prevent hair damage and compound residues in the body , Completely isolate the hairdressing ingredients from oxygen in the product, keep the freshness and quality of the ingredients, and will not deteriorate until the last drop.

♦零矽靈 Non-Silicone
♦使用天然界面活性劑 Use of natural surfactants
♦香氛 pleasant fragrance

五大革命新配方 Five major innovations

♥1%植物護髮精油 1% botanical hair care essential oil
♥100%還原鮮花精油香氣 100% restore the aroma of flowers essential oil
♥添加滲透性胺基酸成份 Add osmotic amino acid ingredient
♥富含維生素B.C.E Rich in Vitamin B.C.E
♥天然花蜜 含豐富護髮多酚成份(法國調香師特調香氛 清新舒爽) Natural nectar is rich in polyphenols for hair care (French perfumer special fragrance fresh and refreshing)

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