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SABORINO Night Face Mask- Mix Berry (28 Sheets)

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SABORINO Night Face Mask- Mix Berry (28 Sheets)


- This special care face mask gives you 5-in-1 performance from lotion, milk, essence, cream and mask.

- The jumbo size contains as many as 28 sheets with 267ml beauty essence inside.

- It contains different moisture ingredients, includes lavender flower extract, figs fruit extract, milk extract, raspberry extract, horse mentha leaf extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid (HA), honey and Vitamin C & E derivative. Simply leave the mask for 1 minute for a quick skin nourishment after bath.


1. After cleansing, pull out one mask and apply it evenly across your face in the morning.

2. Peel mask from face after 60 seconds.

3. Fold the sheet into a square to wipe and pat the leftover essence onto your face.

4. Dispose of the sheet, do not reuse..



Saborino Night Face Mask
Mix Berry


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