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SAVLON Cleansing Cotton Towel (80 sheets)

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SAVLON Cleansing Cotton Towel (80 sheets)


[No added alcohol, fluorescer, Paraben]
Savilon refreshing cleansing and antibacterial wipes, added with the original ICPTM (TM superscript) professional antibacterial formula, can inhibit most bacteria, proved to be effective antibacterial 99.9%, combined with camellia seed oil moisturizing essence and soft touch natural Rayon can gently cleanse the skin of the whole body, refreshing and cleansing anytime, anywhere.

● The experiment has proved that the effective antibacterial is 99.9%
● Original ICP™ professional antibacterial formula: can effectively inhibit most bacteria and increase antibacterial power
● Does not contain alcohol, paraben, fluorescent agent: avoid irritation, pure and mild quality, zero burden on the skin
● Natural chamomile moisturizing essence: care for skin not dry
● Natural Rayon fiber (Rayon), soft touch


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