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SHISEIDO Eau De Carmin De Luxe Toner (150ml) 資生堂艷蓉露

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SHISEIDO Eau De Carmine De Luxe Toner (150ml)

SHISEIDO Eau Du Carmine, the so-called magic toner that works like it promised anti-inflammatory and calming after sun exposure, the light texture is easily absorbed into the skin, best suitable for oily/sensitive skin.

The toner that still ranks one of the top 3 best toner among the SHISEIDO brand not only it helps with oil-control, diminish the inflammation of acne and anti-shine with its contained mattifying powders, but it also prevents the growth of acne and blackheads with its blended zinc gluconate, it eliminate excess sebum, unclog the pores with the loaded of salicylic acid. And finally, it soothes and calms skin after sunburn leaves the skin clean and refresh. 

** Shake well before use to combine the mattifying power and toner **

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