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SOOM LAB Hyper Purifying Breathing Mask - 10PCS

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SOOM LAB Hyper Purifying Breathing Mask-10PCS

Advanced Nanotechnology : Nanofiber Filter!
Authentic Korea product!

Color : Black
Type : Ear-loop, 4-ply
Efficiency : 99.9% filtration level, N95 equivalent
Packaging : Individually sealed, hygienic packaging
Expiry : The expiration date is three years from the manufacturing date.

Product Details :
- Nanofiber Filter by BeyondTex : Advanced filtration technology that blocks out average particle size of 0.1μm (better than most KF94 masks’ filter in the market)
- Ergonomic Design : Stylish, fits well on the face
- Excellent Breath-ability : Improved ventilation & comfort due to the nano-fiber structure, without compromising protection
- Improved Durability : Filter efficiency sustainable for a long period, reduced degradation caused by moisture
- They can be sanitized with isoproply alcohol and reused 10 times

Sizing Details :
- Large : 115mm x 100mm (suitable for adult men/women)
- refers to length of mask from nose bridge till chin area
- refers to depth of mask from front tip till side-cheek area
(refer to photo reference above for better visual details)

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