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ALBION EXAGE Activation Moisture Milk III (200g)

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Replenishing the skin with what it needs, in order of need
The way to achieve ideal beauty, complete with clarity and suppleness, is to replenish the skin with what it needs at just the right moment.

What makes ALBION milk lotion so effective?

Applying milk lotion first thing after washing the face is ALBION's tried and tested recommendation. This method ensures freshly washed skin is quickly replenished with what it wants most. In perfecting its skincare, ALBION has gone beyond the boundaries of conventional rules and thinking. Beauty delivered by ALBION begins with milk lotion, a procedure that hasn't changed since the company was established.

ALBION believes "Well-balanced moisture" is what the skin needs most after washingALBION milk lotions are designed not to coat the skin's surface but to condition the stratum corneum moisture balance.

This is why they are formulated to resemble the moisture balance of the stratum corneum in a healthy condition.

Replenishing freshly washed skin with the moisture it needs is the most helpful intervention to soften the skin, facilitating the permeation of skincare products to follow.

Product Information
- Improves the skin's moisture retention ability for long-lasting hydration, promoting soft and supple skin.
- A milk lotion with aqua gel texture helps maintain a healthy moisture balance and refresh the skin for all-day comfort.
- Apply this milk lotion as the first step to your facial skin just after cleansing.
- Suitable for normal skin- Made in Japan

How to Use

ALBION Unique 4-Step Skincare Regime:
1. Cleansing (Cleanser & Face wash) >2. Softening (Milk lotion) > 3. Refining (Lotion/Toner) > 4. Activating (Serum/Cream)
**ALBION Activation Moisture Milk is step 2 in the skincare process.

Use immediately after facial wash.
Apply 3 pumps of Milk Lotion on a cotton pad and gently dab it on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.
Massage onto the face in light circular motion.


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