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ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential Lotion (330ml)/日本ALBION奥尔滨 健康水 爽肤精粹液

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ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential Lotion (330ml)/


Condition your skin and prevent troubles.
A lotion that maintains a healthy beauty.

It prepares the skin that tends to lose its condition due to changes in the season and environment, and prevents rough and dry skin.
As moisturizing ingredients, it contains "Adlay Extract (Yokuinin Extract)" and "Adlay Oil (Oil-soluble Yokuinin Extract)" extracted from the domestically produced Coix seed variety "Kita no Hato".
The moment you touch it, it feels fresh, but when the moisture permeates the skin (stratum corneum), it becomes moist and smooth.
It's a floral bouquet scent that makes you beautiful to the heart.

[Immediate delivery] [Latest renewal version] ALBION Albion Medicated Skin Conditioner Essential N330ml lotion (for sensitive skin) Quasi-drug [4969527198736]

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