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AYI ART Vinyl Record Clock Time Traveler 1888- Cat in traveler

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May You Take The Adventures With Your Home In Mind
Dream and be loved with this unique vinyl record clock

"In fact, this concept has sprouted early".

Inspired by Laputa (my cat, also meaning the Castle in the Sky, as the cartoon directed by Hayao Miyazaki)
Always catching her gazing into the distance,
I believe she would want to see a bigger world outside of this home.

And all I can give is my own world.
I just hope that she can travel anywhere she likes in her dreams.
Carrying the house,
may she be reminded that she can always take a good nap in there when she is tired from all the traveling."

Product Information

- Combining modern arts with vintage vinyl records, this is the perfect wall decoration that fits any home interiors and styles.
- Wall art decor for playroom, nursery, children's room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, hall.
- Vinyl record clock, made from real vinyl records. Every album label is unique.
- Each piece of vinyl is 30cm X 30cm so the clock design will be around this range.
- Do not place near hot and humid locations.
- Made in Taiwan

About Time Traveler 1888
Vinyl Records originated in 1888
Created with this particular media, hoping to give it a new life
Composing various kinds of emotional melodies in the lives of people
In the torrent of time, we always try to seize and grasp something.
In the journey of life, you and I are merely the travelers of a section of the road.

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