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((BULK SALE )) BISON JAPAN BAKKANTO Hot Bath Salt- Hot Ginger (60g) X6

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BISON JAPAN BAKKANTO Hot Bath Salt (60g) - 6 types

A special series of bath salt with concept that, a hot bath treatment makes you sweating, helps reduce fat and with skincare benefit. The carbonated granules generate bubbles & sound from water like some kinds of happy music, give you a great bathing experience and enjoyment.


Hot Aroma

  • Recommended for those who want to put out things that accumulate on the body with sweat and worried about the body's puyopuyo.
  • Contains caffeine and papain enzymes, plus a refreshing UP ingredient (Kinoki ginger extract, orange extract, lemon extract).
  • Warm hot orange hot watercolor (clear orange).

Beautiful Skin Plus

  • Plus skin moisturizing ingredients to make skin texture positive.
  • Your skin will sweep and it will be smooth.
  • A germanium pleasant bath in which carbon dioxide can crackle.
  • Fragrance of French Rose.
  • Clear pink hot water color (transparent pink).

Moon Aroma

  • Contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, placenta extract, spa water mineral, capsicum extract, ginger extract, and rock salt.
  • With moon aroma scent and producing
  • Milky purple watercolor.

Soda Squash

  • A new type of bath agent that warms the body with the sound of crackling and carbonic acid popping.
  • Rose champagne fragrance: sweat with clear pink hot water / skin moist (contains rose hip extract and rose extract).
  • Soda squash scent: refreshing with nigori hot water.
  • Germanium, hot spring mineral, pepper extract, ginger extract, rock salt.

Hot Ginger

  • A germanium bath agent.
  • Capsicum extract, ginger extract, rock salt and guarana extract are compounded.
  • By sweating with the lap effect of torotori, the dirt on the skin surface is also refreshing.
  • To smooth skin.
  • Happy sound of carbon dioxide gaspump and hot water, sweat excitingly.
  • The scent of hot ginger.



  • Milky red hot watercolor.
  • Hot water that crackling carbon dioxide repels, sweaty sweat that is awful.
  • Unwanted fat on the skin surface is broken down little by little.
  • Contains germanium (moisturizing ingredient), sound sugar (moist grain), lipolytic enzyme (clean component), hot spring mineral (smooth ingredient), strawberry fruit extract (moisturizing ingredient).
  • Hot ingredient capsicum extract, ginger extract (hot ingredient), rock salt (crush ingredient).

Yuzu Ginger

  • This bath salt contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, placenta extract, spa water mineral, capsicum extract, ginger extract, and rock salt.
  • With yuzu ginger scent and producing hot yellow watercolor.


  • Matcha scent
  • Hot watercolor of green tea.


How To Use:

Add 1 pack (60g) into a 180-200 litres water of hot bath at 38-40 degrees, and thoroughly stir well before bathing.


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