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JM Solution Glow Luminous Flower Firming Mask (35ml x 10)

JM Solution Glow Luminous Flower Firming Mask

JM solution,中文名叫肌司妍,品牌宗旨Just Made for your skin Solution,致力於為各种肌肤问题提供专业解决方案,实现您理想的肌肤健康和美丽;研究各种生活环境,采用纯粹的原料和标新立异的技术,实现健康和美丽为目标的护肤的科学护肤品牌。由韩国美容界指標的美容医院THEALL联手韩国著名皮肤科共同创建,韩国生产巨头COSMAX代理生产(COSMAX也为植村秀、兰蔻等大牌彩妆代工)。所有JM产品都含有高浓度的水光、玻尿酸干细胞成分,兼顾每个细胞,精准补充缺水角落,化解肌肤表面的粗老干燥。调节肌肤循环,清洁毛孔,松柔角质,舒缓压力,调整韵律,恢复肌肤本有的健康活力,令肌肤晶莹剔透,紧实丝滑。             

JM solution,  brand purpose Just Made for your skin Solution, is committed to providing professional solutions for various skin problems, to achieve your ideal skin health and beauty; research various living environments, using pure raw materials A scientific skincare brand that uses unconventional technology to achieve skincare with the goal of health and beauty. Established by the Korean beauty industry index THEALL, a well-known Korean dermatologist, and co-produced by the South Korean production giant COSMAX (COSMAX also OEMs such as Shu Uemura and Lancome). All JM products contain a high concentration of water light and hyaluronic acid stem cell components, taking into account each cell, accurately replenishing the corners of water shortage, and dissolving the rough and dry skin surface. Regulates skin circulation, cleans pores, softens keratin, relieves stress, adjusts rhythm, restores the skin's original vitality, leaves skin clear, firm and silky.

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