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MON LOULOU Liquid Butter Face Wash (130g) - 3% of Liquid Type Shea Butter

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It's a shea butter derivative with excellent water-dispersion properties. SHEA BUTTER AQUA allows users to enjoy its wonderful moisturizing effects in a simple water-based formula.

Shea Butter Aqua Benefits: Moisturizing. The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin.It also reduces inflammation.

MON LOULOU Liquid Butter FACE WASH Net wt. 130g/4.59oz

*3% of Liquid type shea butter contained. Safe to use for Baby (3 month years old or older) *Sulfate Free/Cationic Surfactant Free/Paraben and Alcohol Free/ Petroleum Free/ Natural Origin Fragrance 

  • The same cleansing ingredients. However, it has a higher percentage of shea butter aqua formulated which is 3%. 

    Directions: Take an appropriate amount on your palm and make lather. Gently wash your skin with foam and rinse it off thoroughly. 

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