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((BOGO FREE)) ORA2 Premium Breath Fragrance Mouthwash (360ml) ORA2 香氛漱口水

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ORA2 Premium Breath Fragrance Mouthwash (360ml) ORA2 香氛漱口水 X2

● Fragrance-inspired flavor spreads the scent in your mouth, giving you a slightly fragrant breath.
● It has a thick feeling of use that allows you to take care of your breath comfortably, and contains a moisturizing ingredient, sodium hyaluronate, to make your mouth moisturized.
● The cleaning-enhancing component softens stains such as the source of plaque, floats and rinses away, and the odor-adsorbing component adsorbs and removes the source of odor.
● It is a non-alcoholic prescription and has a gentle feeling of use.
● 2 Refreshing flavours of Aquatic Citrus & Fruity Floral 

[How to use]
・ Remove the cap and press the upper part of the main body (the end of the golden button). Tilt the main body and push the body, and pour an appropriate amount of about 10 mL (half the cap).
・ Put it in your mouth, rinse it well for about 20 seconds, and then spit it out. No need to rinse with water.
-This product is not toothpaste.

SUNSTAR Ora2 Premium Breath Fragrance Mouthwash 360ml - 2 Type (Copy) -  Oceanbuy

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