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CUREL Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Wash (150ml)

New! Curel INTENSIVE MOISTURE CARE Foaming Wash -150ml. Facial Foam for Sensitive Skin. Lack of Ceramide is often the cause of sensitive skin. Curel helps your skin restore and retain. Ceramide, and provides a skin barrier to keep your skin strong & healthy.

・Reduce irritation from skin chapping

・Creamy and fluffy foam

・Clean thoroughly but gentle. Reduce direct rubbing

・Rinse off easily. Not feel tight but feel soft and smooth

・Helps to improve your skin’s inherently resistant to external stimulus.

・Fragrance-Free, Colorant Free, Alcohol-Free, pH-balanced and Hypoallergenic


Directions: Push pump for 2 times. Gently massage and rinse off until you feel refreshingly clean, followed by delicately towel-dry. Please read the enclosed label. Avoid direct contact with eyes. 

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