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DHC Color Lip Cream- Apricot (1,5g) 濃密うるみカラーリップクリーム アプリコット

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DHC Color Lip Cream- Apricot (1,5g)

濃密うるみカラーリップクリーム アプリコット

It is a colored lip balm that gives a natural lustrous touch while moisturizing the lips.
Cover dullness with beautiful coloring with a sense of transparency and produce in luster.
Combine volume up ingredient and himematsuba button extract and lead to attractive lip with plump firmness.

Blend olive virgin extract superior in moisturization, protection action, castor oil, squalane and placenta extract, and protect lips from dryness, roughness and keep vitally healthily.
It's not sticky, it's light and comfortable to wear, and it can be used daily.

DHC 濃密うるみカラーリップクリーム アプリコット ( 1.5g )/ DHC :4511413310007:爽快ドラッグ - 通販 -  Yahoo!ショッピング


Son Dưỡng Môi Có Màu DHC Color Lip Cream 1.5g


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