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KOBAYASHI Nighttime Nasal Breathing Tape (21pcs) 小林製藥鼻呼吸膠帶

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KOBAYASHI Nighttime Nasal Breathing Tape (21pcs) 小林製藥鼻呼吸膠帶


・ Nasal breathing tape that adjusts to the original human breathing method (nasal breathing) just by sticking it on the mouth 
・Recommended by sleep medical doctors
・ Induces nasal breathing, reduces dry mouth and throat, squeaks, and promotes a good night's sleep * It is an effect obtained by promoting nasal breathing (according to an in-house test). There are individual differences in the effect.
・ It is a skin-friendly silicone type adhesive that does not hurt when peeled off.
・Stretchable wave shape that does not easily come off .


How to use
(1) Peel off the nasal breathing tape from the transparent film
  * Three tapes are attached to one sheet, so peel off one by one and use
(2) Close your mouth and stick it in the center of your lips
  * You can breathe through your nose Make sure you are there
(3) Go to bed with the nasal breathing tape on

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