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KRACIE HADABISEI 3D Facial Mask (4pcs/pack)

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About the product
Use the mask after cleansing and toning your skin
Contains highly pure vitamin C, collagen and royal jelly
Recommended for use 1-2 times a week


1. Contains highly pure vitamin C (Brightening Agent) and collagen, as well as Royal Jelly (Moisturizing Agent) for aging-care that achieves well-hydrated and bright skin.
2. Formulated with keratin softening agent (Lemon extract).
3. Super Penetrating: Larger mask sheet covers a wider area of your face, delivering more goodness to your skin.


How To Use:

1. Clean and tone your face carefully.
2. Spread the mask carefully and position the mask on your eye area and slowly stretch out to your whole face from nose to month then to chin.
3. Remove the air between your face and the mask to make it fit your face better.
4. Leave the mask for 15-20 mins then take off the mask.
5. Massage the remaining essence with your figure until it is totally absorbed.

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