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LA ROSE DE VERSAILLES Mascara + Liquid Eyeliner Limited Set

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LA ROSE DE VERSAILLES + Liquid Eyeliner Limited Set


To enhance your charming eyelashes!

Volume up and curl the lashes.

Extra moisture to protect your eyelashes. Even in the busy living your eyes are still bright as diamond! Remove with warm water.

Water-proof, resistant to sweat and grease.


The slim shaft with 0.1mm extreme sharp tip, provides natural and lustrous black line.

Water-proof, resistant to sweat and grease. Keeps eye lines nice and glossy all day.

Contains Rose extract to deliver a delicate scent of rose.


How to use:


Fix the brush firmly on the base of the eyelashes and fix it for 1-2 seconds to lift the eyelashes.

It will tie up the fibers until they are tangled.


Draw a thin line so as to carefully fill in the gap of the eyelashes.

When you want to emphasize the eyes further, jump up a little to the extent that it spreads out from the outer corner of the eyes and also put the line on the lower eyelid.

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