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POLA B.A Cream (30g) 寶麗 赋颜晨光抗糖化保湿修复美容面霜

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POLA B.A Cream (30g) 赋颜晨光抗糖化保湿修复美容面霜

POLA Kitakyushu region on new launch new BA BA finally born. Sent reports from the field. The new BA POLA has become the leading brand name in the world of cosmetics.
New Black BA from repair into creation, allowing you to forget the age, skin like a newborn baby’s skin, like! Compared to the old skin moisturizing ability, transparency, glossy etc. are significantly improved.
After the biggest feeling is that their skin becomes shiny like or makeup baby milk, strong facial cleanser, lotion thick, soft and delicate emulsion, the best cream

The new BA is in the original products based on the increase of silk extract, and is especially prominent gold silk, thousands of miles to pick one of the rare breed of gold silk. Also there is a proper noun or
Proprietary technology, exclusive technologies. Combined with the new design tough line, strengthen anti-aging relaxation this figurative demands on the new BA function.

BA is in focus at the new aspirate golden cocoon it.
Silk protein is known beauty usefulness very much, such as moisturizers, sunscreen, repair, anti-aging, nutrition, skin and so on.
The new BA series cosmetics newly added gold cocoon is the top countries in the world are rare silk. Cocoon only 0.0001% of the world production, it is really one in a million.
Silk protein What are the benefits to the skin

  1. silk protein is extracted from natural silk protein polymer fiber, it contains 18 kinds of amino acids. Can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, skin whitening effect can be achieved without any side effects;
  2. silk protein contains several times higher than pearls, natural silk protein hydrolyzate strong penetration, applied to the skin for about 10 seconds, silk protein can penetrate the skin dermis, play a moisturizing effect.
  3. silk protein hydrolyzate permeate through the stratum corneum and epidermis cell binding, and cells as a nutrient absorption, participation and promote cell metabolism, provide essential nutrients to cell metabolism.
  4. silk protein can promote collagen synthesis, activation of skin cells, improve microcirculation and help repair damaged skin tissue, to achieve anti wrinkle.
  5. Silk protein amino acid can inhibit tyrosinase activity in the skin, resistant to oxidation, effective against external pollution, maintain skin PH value balance, enhance skin immunity.

Made in Japan

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