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ISHIZAWA LAB White Mask (10pcs/pack) 石澤研究所 透明白肌面膜10入

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Brightening Moisturizer

  • Inadvertently intensive care for sunburn! Luxury facial mask
  • A high-penetration sheet mask that provides moisture and clear skin at the same time.
  • A concentrated beauty essence containing hyaluronic acid spreads to the stratum corneum and is not sticky even though it is well moisturized.
  • Soymilk fermented liquid, plant placenta, collagen combination
  • A thick sheet made in Japan that contains plenty of liquid and is moisturized so that it does not dry even while it is attached. It adheres to every corner of the skin without any need.
  • Brings out the original transparency of the skin and leaves it on the skin until the next day. For clear, bright and fair skin.
  • Made in JAPAN

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