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SPA Treatment HAS Sheet- Sakura (60pcs/pack) 蛇毒面膜 櫻花限定版

SPA Treatment HAS Sheet- Sakura (60pcs/pack) 蛇毒面膜 櫻花限定版

Aging care Considering age-appropriate care

  • Human-derived stem cell culture solution Contains human adipocyte acclimation culture solution extract (moisturizing ingredient) and various carefully selected beauty ingredients.The faint menthol scent refreshes your mood.


  • Contains more than 130 types of growth factors, and by firmly penetrating into the stratum corneum of the skin, it gives the skin firmness, luster and elasticity, leading to a youthful state.


  • Large format sheet that covers from under the eyes to the cheeks and the vicinity of the temples
    • Richness: 110 ml of beauty essence is fully impregnated into each sheet.
    • Adhesion: A special elastic sheet adheres perfectly to the shape of your face.
    • Lift-up: You can expect a physical lift-up effect by sticking it so that it is pulled up slowly.

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