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Time Traveler 1888 Vinyl Record Clock - Peter Pan Chase Your Dream

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Sail to The Dream World with Peter Pan
Unleash your adventurous nature and relive your childhood fantasy with this unique vinyl record clock
Peter Pan is the childhood dream of most people. 
He takes on adventures and bravely defies the evil force. 
He flies freely in the sky with no regard for dangers. 
The hook and sword of Captain Hook on the clock tower trying to intimidate the invaders. 
The tick-tock of the clock coming from the terrifying crocodile, 
symbolizing the count-down of adult's time. 
But fear not,
Put those things far behind and forcefully fly forward!
Product Information
- Combining modern art with vintage vinyl record, this is the perfect wall decoration that fits any home interiors and styles.
Wall art decor for playroom, nursery, children's room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, hall.
 Vinyl record clock, made from real vinyl records. Every album label is unique. 
- Each piece of vinyl is 30cm X 30cm so the clock design will be around this range.
- Do not place near hot and humid locations.
Made in Taiwan 

About Time Traveler 1888
Vinyl Records originated in 1888
Created with this particular media, hoping to give it a new life
Composing various kinds of emotional melodies in the lives of people
In the torrent of time, we always try to seize and grasp something.
In the journey of life, you and I are merely the travelers of a section of the road.

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